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If your business routinely deals with high call volumes, Charter Business PRI can be a great fit. It's an ISDN-based service that connects to your PBX, giving you the ability to meet your high calling or faxing needs.

Voice service for your high-calling capacity needs.

Charter Business PRI is a high-volume voice service that connects to your PBX or other type of telephone system. It's easily scalable and offers concurrent call paths in increments of 23 so you can support numerous connection options as well as logical trunk groups.

Charter Business PRI supports local service and offers a variety of long-distance calling options.

  • Maximize your savings on domestic, direct-dialed long-distance calls with Charter Business
  • All long distance packages include no-peak or off-peak rates for direct-dialed, intraLATA, intrastate and interstate calls within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • Minutes included in the package are spread across all PRIs at a single service location
  • Any minutes that fall outside the package minutes are competitively priced
  • All minutes can be used for either outbound domestic long distance calling or inbound toll-free calls

PS/ALI (Private Switch / Automatic Location Identification) – Individual Station Level 911

Charter Business is pleased to offer this service in combination with our partners at Intrado, who will support the detailed database. For more information please contact Intrado at 1-888-456-6975, CustomerTeam@Intrado.com or view product information here (PDF).

PRI Location Overflow:

With our robust PRI system, you can automatically overflow your calls from your one PRI location to another PRI location.

Disaster Recovery:

Charter Business also offers Disaster Recovery. In the event of a disaster, simply contact our U.S.-based customer support team to remove numbers from the PRI and forward them to another phone number to initiate your predetermined plan.

Case study

Using Charter Business, the Ear Technology Corporation saved considerably on a high-quality PRI system.

Case study

See how Charter Business PRI helped Orchid International save on its Phone and Internet.

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